Tuesday, February 22, 2011

America's Next Top Chef

For all of you non-believers, check out this awesome video. Johnny is seriously the best 1 year old chef that I have ever met. The other day I was making a crust for a pot pie and pulled the raw dough out of the fridge and took it over to the flat surface. He saw what I was doing and went over to the lower cabinet, opened the door, and pulled out the rolling pin. I didn't even know where the rolling pin was. In this video Johnny demonstrates the Army way of cracking eggs and the French-Italian pastry chef way of cracking eggs.

Well done Johnny, well done!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

a couple parents about to get real

Hey folks, guess what? We are the proud owners of a Swagger Wagon. We're filling this wagon up with our swagger.

I think its embarrassing yet awesome that as of yesterday we became a minivan family. We didn't even realize how cool we were until after we bought it. We were showing off the new wheels to our friends Heather and Chris who, as it turns out, were actually quite impressed with our "Swagger." And we were like, "What?! Where my kids at?"

* side note - before ya'll start gettin' all jealous, we didn't get a 2011 alright? ours is a little older. but still.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blessing Day

Sweet baby Tyler was blessed in church this last Sunday. I told Brian that we had better invite a lot of people to stand in because he's such a chunk at almost 12 weeks. I don't think most people wait as long as we did to bless their babies. Usually you see a dad hold up a teeny tiny little thing wrapped in a blanket. In a 6-9 month collared shirt, a pair of overalls, with a double chin and elbow rolls, Tyler's presence in front of the congregation was a little less dainty. Yes, he's a manly little man and we think he's pretty neat.

We were lucky to have my mom and dad and grandma Shirley come for the occasion. Besides making the cute little overalls for Ty's blessing, my mom also ironed our clothes, washed our dishes, changed dirty diapers, read stories, rocked babies and took great care of us as always. Johnny loves Grandma and behaved like a perfect little angel around her. Though it took a little while to warm up to Grandpa, whom he hadn't seen in over six months, Johnny was repeating the words, "hi grandpa" over and over by the end of the weekend. We had a great time and hope they can come again soon! Grandma Shirley came bearing gifts and lots of kisses for the boys. We are so grateful that she lives close by and that we get to see her often.

Its so fun being a family of 4.

I love this picture for Ty's furrowed brow and for the goofy way Brian is holding Johnny.