Sunday, March 11, 2012

game face

You gotta get serious about putting on your headband.

Look at those muscles.

Such concentration.

Almost there...


And, repeat!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

missing idaho

Whenever I return from a trip to the farm to visit my family it takes me a while to adjust back to my life in California (even though its a very good one!) I just miss them all so much. This trip was special because everybody was home. I found myself wanting to freeze time. Next time I go, we will be saying goodbye to another favorite brother. Oh, why does life have to keep moving so fast? Its a good thing I'm not in charge, I suppose. I would still be 13-years old, driving the watering truck around the feed lot with my little sister, jumping on cows and carving our initials in the old white shed. But then, I'd still want to be the momma of my two boys and the wife of my husband and I'd still want to look forward to all the adventures and changes life would bring. I guess I just can't win. So for now, I'll just look at these pictures and be thankful that I have this family that I love and so many happy memories to look back upon.