Sunday, September 11, 2011

do you need validation?

Last week I went out to eat with some girlfriends from church. It was so fun and a much needed break from my darling babies. As we were finishing up, the waiter came by and asked if we needed validation (for parking, of course, because we live in L.A.). My friend Heather said, "Yes, actually, I do. How do I look today?" It was funny and I laughed. And then I remembered that I have been getting a lot of that kind of validation around my house lately. All thanks to Johnny who suddenly became the most complimentary little person I know. I don't know exactly where he learned this, but it must be from being around lots of ladies. Brian gives me compliments, but not usually about my hair or clothing, and certainly not about my accessories! The first time Johnny did this, I was completely caught off guard and melted into a puddle on the spot. The cutest thing about it all is how completely sweet and sincere he is. A few examples:
  • I had my hair down one day (it's usually in a pony tail). Johnny ran both hands through it and said, "Ors hair pretty, mommy. I yove it."
  • I came home with a new purse to which he said, "That cool Momma, that cool! Let's go shopping!"
  • I came upstairs after getting dressed for church last week. Johnny said, "You have a pretty dress, mommy. I yove it."
  • Today I wore a pair of hoops to church and after I thought he might rip them out of my ears with excitement he said, "Ors earrings are nice, mommy. I yike them."
That Johnny boy. I think I'll keep him!