Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

March Madness

You think I'm going to write about basketball, huh? Nope. For me, March Madness refers to the state of affairs in my classroom these days.... while I count down the minutes and seconds until Spring Break comes. Ahhh. 9 consecutive days without sweaty, hormonal, cranky teenagers. I can't wait. If you don't teach middle school, lucky you. Did you know that tattle-telling doesn't stop in the third grade?

Lest you think I hate my job, Brian would be the first to tell you that the next sentence out of my mouth after I've let out a few frustrations is usually something like, "Oh, but you should have seen it. It was SO adorable when they..."

March Madness also means PINK SLIPS. No, not the lacy kind you wear under a skirt. The kind that show up unsuspected in your mailbox. A couple weeks ago I joined the masses of Americans experiencing employment "challenges" we'll call them. I got a special delivery from LAUSD while in the middle of a telephone conversation with my mom about how I was pretty sure I wouldn't lose my job. Opps, I spoke too soon! The mailman handed me a termination notice as of the end of the school year. 8800 teachers and administrators recieved the same notice. I can only imagine what the schools in our district will look like next year.

Finally, March Madness means expanding, better said, disappearing waistlines. But its all for a good cause. Junior is getting bigger and stronger and I am getting more and more used to comments like "Miss, you look chubby." :)