Thursday, January 26, 2012

home again

There is something special about watching a missionary come home. Don't you agree? I remember when my older brother Dan came home from his mission like it was yesterday. We had never welcomed a missionary home before. We were so excited, standing there in the terminal. I remember lots of smiles, laughter and anticipation. Finally the passengers began to disembark and suddenly those smiles faded into big, watery tears. I looked around at my brothers and sisters. We were all crying. We hadn't expected this. It was a spontaneous and sweet reaction to the fulfillment of a long-anticipated moment. This moment with sibling No. 7 was no different. We've been praying for Doug's success as a missionary and for a safe return these past two years. Each week brought another letter and more incredible growth. Though we will miss having a missionary out and the special spirit that brings, we are thrilled that he is home again. Congratulations on a job WELL DONE, Dougie! You are so loved.

Doug's flight arrived at 11:30 p.m. Not exactly the ideal time but the kids were troopers. Little Briggs slept through the entire thing!

The welcoming committee -

Mom & Dad

Jeff & Cutter

Caroline, Mark & Johnny


Sherm & Briggs

Beth & Mark

Cutter & Katelyn


Dan, Dad, Mike, Sherm & Jeff

Baby Durham!

Bellamie, Cache & Brooklyn

Here he comes!

Happy tears!

The proud family (minus Brian, Joanna, Eli, Tyler and baby Freddie)