Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Place

We loved our cute little one-bedroom apartment. We really did. It was cozy and warm. Everything we needed was literally right within our reach. I was sad to leave it behind. I was nervous about putting Johnny in a bedroom all by himself! I was going to miss all the traditions we made in our first home. Like standing on the balcony to say goodbye to our daddy every morning. And welcoming him home the same way every night. We would miss the neighborhood, our walking routes, the park, a Trader Joe's up the street, our friends and neighbors. But then....

We moved into a two-bedroom apartment and suddenly there is a place for everything. It all fits! There's an entire room for the crib... no need to remove any closet doors in the master bedroom to make room for baby! The kitchen table doesn't have to be pushed up against the wall to make room for the office furniture. And the office furniture, isn't in the living room anymore. It's in the office! The kitchen looks and feels more like a kitchen than a hallway and we actually have a hallway too! So I guess I'm trying to say that I sorta like our new apartment and I might have already forgotten all the things I was going to miss. Except the people that we love, of course. They can't be replaced. But the great thing about moving a mere 5 miles away is that we can still see those people! Even if it takes us an hour to get there in traffic :)

Here are a few pictures from the move. Johnny was a huge help!

Packing up the pantry

Stacking boxes

Packing himself for the trip