Sunday, July 20, 2008

Film Festival

Each year our single's ward, which is chuck full of genius film makers, puts together a film festival. People come from all over the area to watch the films and walk the red carpet. This year there were over 500 people in attendance. It's mostly cheesy, but really fun too. Brian took his tuxedo out of moth balls for this special night. I found a $40 dress at a discount department store. We live such a glamorous Hollywood life, I know. Follow this link to watch the short films: SM3 Film Festival

Click on 2008 Films to see a list of a dozen or so. Some of our favorites:
- Kent: the Undefeated Runner (winner of the People's Choice award)
- Here we are with Julian Ruble
- The Buttload Debacle (my personal favorite)
- Granny's Day out (Brian's favorite)
- The Deal (slightly disturbing)
- The Devil & Mr. Smith (with an amazing performance by the winner of the Best Actor award... look for the guy in full-length spandex)

Besides red carpets, films, and awards, there was also a live performance by some talented actors in our ward. Brian contributed backstage by providing sound effects with his trombone. He's so talented. We had a great night. Wish you all could have been there!

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I don't really know what to say about these goofy pictures other than sometimes I give in and play along with my husband.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Marky comes to visit Part II: Roscoe's

My youngest brother Mark comes to visit every summer. It’s been our little tradition for last few years since he turned 11 and my mom gathered up enough courage to put her youngest baby on a plane by himself. We usually pack in as much fun as we can, from theme parks and drives up the coast, to trips to the mall and the beach. Marky is 15 now and this year he told me that he didn’t really care what we did. He just wanted to spend time with me. What a sweetheart! “Oh wait,” he said. “There's one place we have to go.” I knew exactly what he was about to say: Roscoe’s House of Chicken n' Waffles. I know, such a strange combination... but it's strangely delicious!

Mark should have been born in the South… the way that kid LOVES fried chicken. He always has. From the time he was old enough to wrap his paw around a chicken leg. I remember back in the good old days when my family’s favorite place to eat was JJ North’s (aka, Chuckarama. Where else are you going to go with a family of 10?). Though there were 100s of choices, Marky would come back to the table with nothing but fried chicken on his plate. If my mom talked him into it, he might throw some macaroni ‘n cheese or Jello on there too, but all he really wanted was the chicken.

Well, with his 15 years of experience, he thinks he’s found the Mecca of fried chicken at Roscoe’s. It’s Soul Food, baby… and it is reeeeeel good, I’ll have to admit. Although, I like it more for the waffles than the chicken… especially when they put the equivalent of an ice cream scoop full of butter on your waffle.

Isn’t that amazing… I mean, disgusting?

What fat lard would spread it out and eat the entire thing? Brian?

Snoop Dog? (Check out this video. You may run into someone famous at Roscoe's.)

or could it have been me? Cast your vote!