Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Stroll in Malibu

Yesterday Caroline and I decided to take a dreamy stroll up the Malibu coast. It is a nice 30-40 miles of coastal views and very nice for watching the sun set over the water. Not to rub it in too much, but please let us know if you ever need us to unwind for you. We will gladly take a stroll for you up the coast with the warm ocean breeze flowing through our hair. :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Jazz Night w/ Jack Sheldon

The pictures aren't great but the evening was. Caroline and I went to a Jazz Club the other night...well more like an Italian Restaurant with a Jazz Combo. Jack Sheldon was the trumpet lead and he had a piano, bass, and drums backing him up. We had a great time.
Back in the day Jack Sheldon played with the likes of Benny Goodman, and Quincy Jones. He was also the trumpet player on the Merv Griffin Show. He played the music for the School House Rock songs. While we were there on Friday night he sang the "I'm Just A Bill" tune.
Anyways, he was pretty influential in the West Coast Jazz Movement and he is still pretty good even though he seems to be slowing down a bit.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Big Ears

Profile of baby's face looking up
Baby Update! Baby Update! Baby Update!

We went to the ULCA hospital yesterday for our mega-ultra-super ultrasound. It was a great experience except for the $11.00 parking and we took two cars...$22.00 ouch! The tech was really nice and had some fun with us. Baby Merrell had his head facing down like he was ready to be birthed the whole time and the tech kept trying to get him to come out of his hiding place so she could measure his head.

We got to see his brain, facial profile, both arms, both hands (he was trying to hide his left hand behind his head), his spine, his ribs, his little heart beating, his bum, his legs and both of his feet.

Oh yeah, and he is definitely a BOY. The tech said, "I know the gender if you'd like to know." Caroline said, "well our doctor told us that she was almost sure it's a boy." "Oh yeah!" The tech quickly responded, "...definitely a boy!"

As the tech was trying to measure his head from the top view she began to giggle. As she would roll the wand from one side to the other the baby's ears would pop into view...and make no mistake...his ears are not too hard to find. Instead of saying what she was thinking, "Wow! Look at the size of those ears! He is probably picking up radio stations in there." She kindly kept repeating, "He is going to be such a cute baby. Look at his big ears." Yeah, so I guess he got his ears from his Dad.

He now officially weighs 1 lb. and based on is head, arm, and leg measurements his new due date is 15 Jun 09. I like this pattern. The more times we go to the doctor the sooner the baby is due. Just a few more visits and we could be full term by Valentine's Day.

p.s. he is still a little show boat, doing back flips every time we have an ultrasound.