Thursday, March 31, 2011

Johnny's New Friend

Johnny made a new friend today while shopping at Old Navy.

And yes they are holding hands!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mem @ 4 months

So this week Mem (Tyler) turned 4 months old. He is very cute as you can see below, and his brother Noni (Johnny) is seriously in love with him. Caroline took him to the doctor for his regular check-up and everything seems to be going okay...which is good because Johnny had the 'croup' this past weekend and it gave us a bit of a scare.

So at 4 months Mem weighs in at 18 lbs 7 oz and is 26.5" long. That is pretty hefty. It puts him near the top of the charts in both categories. If you are wondering how that compared to his 4 months Johnny weighted 20 lbs 15 oz and was 29.0" long which is way off the charts.

And here are few bonus shots from our recent trip to St. George to visit our cousins.

Valerie, Tyler, RyLee

Johnny is seriously fascinated with kitties

Johnny and Kate

Johnny and Jared

Johnny getting ready for his bath

Saturday, March 5, 2011


My mom and dad have attended a lot of high school basketball games. At least 800, but probably more. They followed 8 kids all over the state of Idaho in snow and rain and on icy roads. They sat on hundreds of hard bleachers, yelled thousands of encouraging words, endured many a horrible referee and only got tossed out of a handful of games {dad!}. They watched us win, they watched us lose. They saw school records broken, MVP awards won, district championships clinched and even a state championship final. When it comes to high school basketball, they've pretty much seen it all. Except one thing. They never watched one of their kids win the ultimate prize, a state championship... well, that is, until TODAY!!

Today my siblings and I lived our dream vicariously through our baby brother, No. 8, our last hope, Marky Mark, when his team won the 2A State Championship against all odds. I couldn't be there to cheer, to call the referees names, to jump up and down and celebrate with my family, but I was there in spirit. I'm so proud of Mark. Not only is he a great athlete, he's an even better person and an awesome little brother. I'm so thrilled that he could experience this game as a senior, in his last basketball game. And I'm happy for my parents too. Not because they care whether we win or lose. But because all they want is for their kids to be happy. And I know that today, all 8 of us were very, very happy.

{photo and article here}

{Mark Beus #5}

Captain Adorable

Last week some of my wonderful friends from church threw me a baby shower. Though it was a bit late (they joked that if they waited any longer they would have to pitch in and buy him a car for his 16th birthday), I decided that the best time to have a shower is 3 months after your sweet baby has arrived. Bringing my smiley little love to the party was so much better than a packing a big, uncomfortable belly. Here are a few pictures of Ty wearing one of his new outfits from the shower. He is such a fun baby right now. He smiles a ton and is even laughing. Sometimes he starts laughing out of nowhere. Its so funny. He also recently decided that he loves pacifiers which has made our lives much easier!

A lot of people ask me if I think Ty & Johnny look alike. What do you think? Here they are side by side, at almost 4 months old. They both happen to be wearing little sailor suits which is beside the point, but kinda cute. I think they share a lot of features in common, yet to me they look so different.

My creation

do you like samoas?

{photo and recipe here}

then you should probably make these. they're sooooo good.

I'm wondering...

How much t.v. is too much? Ever since 101 dalmations came in the mail from netflixs we haven't been able to bribe Johnny away from the t.v. Sometimes I prop his brother up next to him and take pictures. He's so into the show, he doesn't notice that either of us are there.

Tyler is not nearly as interested.

He'd much rather smile for his momma.