Tuesday, January 14, 2014

December in Pictures

We got our first snow of the season. The boys were excited to make a snowman but the snow was as dry as sand and wouldn't clump together. 

Willie did a lot of growing and smiling. He's such a fun, happy baby.

We took a quick weekend trip to Utah to see Brian's family. We stopped at Temple Square on the way down to see the lights and the nativity. It didn't disappoint.

We spent a lot of time indoors because of the freezing temperatures. Lots of time to use the imaginations that are certainly not lacking around here.

Johnny started carrying the baby around the house. It's kind of helpful, but mostly it's just scary. :)

Willie discovered the dishwasher and loves to help me empty it.

Brian and the boys stayed home sick from church and made mangers for baby Jesus. They don't look too sick in these pictures but we really did have nasty, lingering runny noses and coughs.

Speaking of mangers for baby Jesus... Will is the baby in a manger in this photo.

The kids loved decorating for Christmas.

We added Willie's stocking to the mantle this year for his very first little Christmas.

Christmas Eve after the kids were all tucked in bed. 

 And a few pictures of Christmas morning.

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Connie said...

That photo of Will in the manger is going to have me laughing all day. Such cute boys!